Rev Michael Longfellow


New & Improved - Overcoming Comparison

New & Improved - No Fear

New & Improved - Overcoming Labels

New & Improved - Overcoming Apathy

When God Says "No"

A New Hope for Yourself

A New Hope - Do You Bring Hope?

Is Everything OK with Your Heart? Part 3 (Guilt)

Fear Not

Be Anxious for Nothing (Reprise from Nov 2022)

Pastor Michael Longfellow Installation

Is Everything OK with Your Heart? Part 2

Faith - Ecclesia (Reprise from 18 Sept 2022)

Is Everything OK with Your Heart? Part 1

Finding Hope in the Desert

Daniel - Stand Up

Daniel - Stand Strong

Daniel - Serving God

Serving God's People

Salt and Light Finale

Salt of the Earth

New World Order - Aftermath

New World Order - Easter

New World order - Palm Sunday

New World Order - One Command

New World Order

The Legendary David - Broken Dreams

The Legendary David - Angry & Afraid

The Great King David Part 3 - Kindness

The Great King David Part 2

The Great King David

A Message from God - Habits

A Message from God - Words

A Message from God - Thoughts

A Message from God

Praying Through the Storm

Christmas With the In-Laws - Final Chapter

Christmas With the In-Laws - David

An Unexpected Christmas - Labels

Christmas with the In-Laws - Judah and Tamar

Christmas With the In-Laws

Be Anxious for Nothing - Part 2

Be Anxious for Nothing - Praise!

Disciples Fish


Leadership in the Kingdom of God

Follow Finale

Follow Jesus

Why Do I Follow Him?

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